All My Songs Database 2.5

AllMySongs Database is a music library for managing and cataloging music files and AudioCDs. It supports various music formats, such as MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, FLAC etc. It will help to find any song from your music library, according to title, album, artist, genre and other values. The powerful tools of AllMySongs Database will enable you to download album covers, photos of artists, biographies, and AudioCD information automatically.

Key Features:

Automatical search and adding music files to disk folders;
Automatical AudioCD recognition;
Automatical tag information import (MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC files);
Album covers, photos, biographies, lyrics automatical download and storage;
View/Edit Title, Artist, Album, Composer, Genre etc.;
Create playlists for music player;
Play, sort, rename music files;
Save differents views;
Advanced song search;
Customize Interface with skins.
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16 votes Vote

have duplicate search by audio content

s.nagy, 26.10.2015, 10:11
7 votes Vote

Include ability to catalog MIDI files.

tgabrielli, 26.10.2015, 14:14
2 votes Vote

access files on my network.

The software does not recognize any network connections. Moreover, none of the contact addresses listed at the web-site are accepted by their mail server.
victcg, 26.10.2015, 19:08
0 votes Vote

get support. Server does not recognize addresses.

All contact addresses on the OptWin Software are reported as not found by their mail server. The software is useless to me without someone telling me how to get it to recognize a network drive.
Vic Chorney, 26.10.2015, 19:01